Sabi Sabi Kids Program

Families with kids will always be welcomed at Sabi Sabi’s Bush Lodge. The family experience gets to a whole new level with the starting of the EleFun Centre, a completely fledged children’s center inside the lodge environments that promotes children’s understanding and admiration of mother nature.

Providing practical, expertly created fun activities, the Elefun center has 2 unique programs, (1); the junior tracker program, is made for kids ages 4 – 8 and (2); the junior ranger program accommodates particularly for kids from ages 9 – 12.

The EleFun Centre is going to be loaded with learning programs that all of the Sabi Sabi’s young guests can have the opportunity to experience. Age-appropriate bushveld designed activities as well as ‘edutainment’ are made and closely watched by competent staff, and would include fascinating bushcraft subject areas – wildlife, bugs and birds, map-reading, tracking – a lot of eco-sensitive topics which each kid can find interesting.

They will have time for artistic pastimes, crafts, and arts, as well as the afternoon periods, is going to be for fun-filled bushveld games. Chosen rangers will guide bush walks and talks, along with specifically prepared children’s game drives. The aesthetically designed center comes with a great, safe, outdoor play spot.

While set itineraries will happen each morning and afternoon, the kids can also be welcome to have fun with the center in between formal sessions. Mothers and fathers can also chill out and experience the amazing safaris, get relaxing treatments inside the spa, or simply sit back and revel in a few private time, understanding that their young children are reveling in their own unique bushveld adventure.



It is now time for the fun bush adventure.

Junior Trackers – Depending upon the age of the kids, they will encounter enjoyable adventure hikes along with a ranger towards the bush or all around the lodge. The young junior tracker team will become familiar with a variety of fascinating information regarding the Sabi Sabi bushveld as well as the wildlife, insects, and birds that exist around the reserve. Perhaps even the trees and plants offer a great deal of exciting educational possibilities.

Junior Rangers Weather permitting, the ranger will certainly guide the older kids upon exhilarating outdoor activities. The particular activities could include nature hikes, tracking, naming the birds, map reading as well as a number of some other bush relevant topics. In the event of bad weather, the ranger is likely to make use of the display table inside the Elefun Centre yet still participate the kids in exciting bush adventures.

*Participation will likely be upon the Ranger’s discretion

12:00 – 13:00 HOBBIES AND CRAFTS

The teacher will guide the kids within a fantastic crafts and arts program, setting up imaginative, hands-on projects for girls and boys: not to mention all of the subjects will connect with mother nature. The kids could get messy, however, they certainly won’t become bored.

Junior Rangers will have the opportunity to undertake and master more complicated crafts.

14:30 – 15:30 GAME TIME

They would like all of the kids to participate in for the outdoor and indoor afternoon games that are truly enjoyable in addition to being educational. They will encounter treasure hunts, blindfold activities, memory and card games, as well as bushveld games which will be totally new for all the kids.

Junior Rangers will be taught eco-inspired board as well as stone games, have competitions like scavenger hunts or participate in group games in EleFun Centre grounds or outside in the bushveld.

Londolozi Kid’s Program

Situated on the Sand River in the center of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, the particular reserve is becoming world-renowned because of its work with outrageous and free Leopards and also the working relationship they’ve got together with the rangers and trackers around the reserve.

Having a name which means ‘protector of all the living things’ in Zulu, Londolozi is among the business frontrunners in ecotourism within Private Game Reserves in South Africa. A family manage business, Londoloziis a Relais & Chateau property and provides one of the greatest safari experiences in existence.

A focus has been put on a family in the lodge and from now on Londolozi is changed into children’s dream-come-true, revealing the secrets and miracle of the bush along with them while creating a better understanding as well as admiration for the natural environment within all kids.

An exclusively designed Londolozi Cubs program has been produced to make sure that every single day invested around the bush is exciting and fun and opens a brand new and engaging fact in regards to the African bush. Kids coming to the lodge turn into ‘young rangers’ and they are trained regarding the essential role they perform in preserving the natural environment as well as the relationship they have to sustain in between the people living on the particular land. Kids spend some time around the Cub’s den in which they can find fish pounds to experience and play in, camping tents to look into as well as an educational center to sit and learn in. The lively and passionate Cub coach manages all the fun-based activities and it is proficient at making even the littlest of activities appear to be extremely exciting. The small ones which are under 6 years of age aren’t permitted to participate in safari, however while they (together with the older kids) are staying in the lodge they’ll be capable of taking part in many different fun-based activities such as making candles, spoor identification, Papier Mache, watching birds, African dancing and many more.

Londolozi has always highlighted the significance of family. Within the last hundred years, 4 generations have already adventured, dreamed and exposed here. The bushveld of Londolozi is really a wild wonderland, a child’s dream becomes a reality, and they take pleasure in being in the position to share their secrets with the future generation.

The Londolozi Cubs program would make sure that every single day is packed with enjoyment and enthrallment, and the ‘young rangers’ acquire much more than simply a knowledge of their particular function in handling and preserving Africa’s remarkable bio-diversity. At Londolozi, kids discover more about themselves, regarding various other cultures, regarding developing friendships as well as trust, and regarding survival from the forests. They really are brought to a world abundant with confidence and beauty – and much much more fun!

As it would be for all cubs, the bush experience starts off on the safety of the den. The Cub’s Den is made for pure pleasure: they have fish ponds to splash and play all around, Land Rovers for driving and touring, camping tents, as well as an educational center in which wildlife takes center stage.

Bushveld adventures are well guided by the Cub Coach, a passionate professional naturalist who manages every one of the children’s fun-based activities and could make even dung spitting appear to be a tasty idea!

Fun-based activities normally include:

  • Spoor identification
  • Birding
  • Insect catching
  • African dancing
  • Bead making
  • Singing as well as drumming
  • Dung spitting
  • Varty and Founders camp both cater to kids in between the age groups of 6 and 16 years of age.

Kids of 6 years and more than are encouraged on game drives.